How to Find Out if You Need Temporary Fencing

The American Fence Company of Lincoln has been in business for over 50 years! From the beginning, we have grown and expanded and are showing no sign of stopping. We not only serve Lincoln, we cover most of Southeast Nebraska as well. Areas included—but are not limited to—David City, Ashland, Nebraska City, Hebron, Beatrice, Fairbury, and every place in between.

In addition to providing wholesale fencing materials and performing residential and commercial installation, we also offer temporary fence installation. Temporary fence can be utilized in several different applications. It is available either for rental or to purchase outright. If you are doing any sort of project that you think you may need temporary fence for, we can definitely assist you! In this helpful users guide you will learn how to identify whether or not you need temporary fence.

The following are a few applications that temporary fence is used;

  1. Residential and/or commercial construction
  2. Residential and/or commercial demolition
  3. Heavy construction job sites
  4. Large outdoor events, such as festivals, concerts or marathons

If you are planning any of these sort of activities, then you are in need of temporary fencing. Another decision that has to be made is which type of rental fence you need. Based on function, the following styles of temporary fence are available:

  1. Temporary panels, stands and sandbags
  2. Post and fabric
  3. Crowd control barricades

Each of the above mentioned types have particular applications that they are intended for. The panel systems are designed to restrict access, yet they are easily moved to re-configure the perimeter if necessary. The post and fabric varieties (which are pictured below) are a semi-permanent option, designed to provide safety and security to a job site that will last for a longer period of time.

The crowd control barricades are just as they are named, meant to control crowds in settings such as concerts and outdoor events. To create a more polished look, and to provide extra security, safety and privacy, we also offer windscreen that is available in a wide variety of colors, and can be customized with logos or pictures.

With the above insight into temporary fencing, you should now have a better understanding of uses and the need for this style of fence. If not, please contact us for instructions on how to install and what to check for prior to installation of any type of temporary fence.