Temporary Construction Fence in Omaha, NE

Rental fence surrounding a construction site in Omaha, Nebraska

American Fence Rental temporary fencing surrounding a job site in Omaha, NE

The American Fence Company in Omaha has been providing fencing to the Omaha Nebraska area for 50 years but some don’t realize that fencing includes temporary fencing.

Often used in the construction industry to secure work sites, temporary fencing can be rented by the foot and for as short or as long a term as suits your needs. Temporary fencing isn’t just limited to construction sites. It can also be used for things such as crowd control for large events, while awaiting permanent fencing instillation, and to block off unsafe areas.  Temporary fencing offers you the benefits of a permanent fence without the long term commitment.

Temporary fencing comes in two basic styles in both 6’ and 8’ heights, but can be customized to your needs beyond this. The most common styles are our panel fencing which are secured with stands and sand bags, as shown in the photos above, or our chain link fabric which is secured with driven posts.  It can be customized with gates, barb wire, or shade screen.

Contact our Omaha installation branch by visiting our website or calling us at (402) 896-6722 to speak to an estimator about all our options and how we can help you with your temporary fencing needs.


Temporary construction fencing with swing gates opening up to a construction site A construction site secured by rental fencing Temp fence increasing site security on a corner lot construction site