Temporary Construction Fence in Mankato, MN

At the American Fence Company of Minnesota, we offer many styles of fencing. From securing your commercial property, to providing security and privacy for your backyard and loved ones at home. With the material and professional installers on hand, AFC MN vows to take care of all of your fencing needs. One style of fencing being our temporary construction fence. Recently we had the opportunity to install rental temporary construction panels to secure construction storage containers for Target in Mankato, MN.

They are currently remodeling the store and needed storage for tools and materials. With limited options for a staging area, they were forced to use storage containers outside of the store. For some added security, they added our temporary fence to help alleviate any theft or vandalism. They also needed to secure a perimeter around a larger hole that was being excavated. The fence helped secure the hole being dug, and nearly eliminates any liabilities that comes with excavation.

In this instance, we used our temporary panel system. This system is great for short term temp fence needs, or when driving a post for temporary fence isn’t an option. We also offer driven temporary fence for small and large construction projects.

Temporary fence surrounding storage containers A freight truck behind chain link temp fence